Here you will find an extensive list of specialised services that we offer at White Ivy 2.0. Colour Corrections, Pampering treatments, Hair Extensions, and Style Cuts just to name a few.

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The name speaks for itself, whether it’s from a box dye gone wrong at home, inconsistent foil patterns from that hairdresser down the road, or even just a big change of mind- Colour Corrections are our specialty. Corrective jobs require the utmost technical skill and knowledge and must be booked in with one of our Executive Stylists to lead. Multiple Stylists will complete the service under her guidance on the day. Colour Corrections usually require 5-9 hours in the chair, so don’t forget to bring some snacks!

Quite often colour corrections require preparation prior to, including the use of specific products at home and sometimes in salon treatments to remove built up minerals and also perfect the pH and porosity levels for the best results. It may be necessary to come in for a strand test prior to your booking where there are multiple layers of built up colour or henna or if your hair has been chemically straightened or permed. A follow up perfecting session is usually necessary 3-5 weeks after your correction to make sure that the colour has held and the hairs integrity is maintained.

No job is ever too big, we can always devise a plan and quotation to specifically suit your needs.

Pricing starts from $350 *price upon quotation

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A colour transformation is the name we give to any massive makeover, usually less complicated than a colour correction as our starting point does not hold constraints like built up pigments, banding or imperfections. With this said, there could be some old foils or minimal colour throughout, but the majority would be virgin, unprocessed hair. None the less, you can still expect to spend most of the day with us as we often need to lighten extensively to get the WOW factor! Colour transformations always require personalised quotations and plans and we will need to see your current hair and also your hair goal so that the correct services are prescribed.

Prices start from $350 *price upon quotation


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A graduated colour effect with never-ending variations- from soft lived in blondes, to heavy weighted platinums- generally supporting a well-blended and shadowed root effect so that salon visits are less frequent, whilst the colour is always looking fresh.

Balayage is a popular freehand technique we often use alongside various foil patterns. Since the end result can vary so much, from subtle seamless blends to high contrast dimensional versions, your starting point will greatly impact the time and cost of this treatment. Please complete an online consultation including pictures of your current hair so that one of our Stylists will be able to best determine which processes will be necessary to achieve your goal

$300, *price upon quotation

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