Born in 2013, White Ivy was once a small studio space solely owned and operated by founder., Carla Ferrarin. Carla moved into the small studio with only her personal clientele after working from home for more than 10 years. As Carla’s personal clientele continued to grow, it became an obvious career choice for her to take a step forward and create a brand and professional platform for her work to be publicly displayed.

2019 saw the design and development of Carla’s next conquest, White Ivy 2.0

The setting of White Ivy 2.0 is not the usual setting for a hair salon, and that is because we are not just another hair salon, but rather a hair and beauty hub. You can find us nestled up amidst the industrial sector of Melbourne’s South East, Mulgrave. A far cry from the modest little ‘cottage’ space once dubbed White Ivy; 2..0 boasts 230+ square metres of architecturally designed, artistically decorated and European inspired somewhat eclectic realm of luxury.

Our friendly space is also home to a small group of like-minded professionals and small businesses. Danielle Bove Beauty, White Studio Teeth Whitening, Katie Dawn Permanent Makeup Artist and Lasshexx Lash Artistry.


Occupied by a talented group of artists who are just as colourful and chill as their surroundings, White Ivy 2.0 is now your one stop shop for all things hair and beauty.

Home to a large team of highly trained colour experts, you will not be disappointed. All colourists at White Ivy undergo the highest level of training in Colour Corrective work including colour theory from an artistic perspective, advanced hair science, basic trichology and chemical processing. We use a range of specific processes and techniques that make us pioneers when it comes to tackling massive transformations and corrective colour work of all magnitudes. Our team of highly trained professionals offer both industry education, workshops and of course the highest level of services to all of our guests.

Our aim at White Ivy 2.0 is to offer our guests, unparalleled, consistent and the absolute ultimate satisfaction- that is the utmost best in comfort, service and of course result!



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